Setting up a Lightning node

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Off the shelf

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Do it Yourself

Currently there are a handful of different implementation of the BOLT standard. The various nodes from the different vendors or development teams are (or should be) compatible. See the following list and links for more information on setting up a node.

Full node implementations

Name By Open-source Programming language Supported operating systems Remarks
lnd Lightning Labs Yes Go Windows/macOS/Linux/*BSD The Lightning Network Daemon
Eclair ACINQ Yes Scala Any OS with Java
c-lightning Blockstream Yes C Linux
lit DCI MIT Yes Go Windows (Cygwin)/macOS/Linux Under development, only for testnet

Disclaimer: does not recommend any implementation(s) and is not responsible for the action(s) of any software. The use of any software is 100% at your risk. It is fully your responsibility. See dangers and risks.

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