Wiki Torch

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At first, there was Lightning Torch. This is an attempt to do the same, using the wiki.

Hashtag #wikitorch .


  1. 100k sats by User:MiltonPusser
  2. 110k sats by User:BillyGarrison
  3. 120k sats by User:Vindard
  4. 130k sats by User:Chrozayis
  5. 140k sats by ...

Latest LN invoice here: ln...


  1. Create an invoice 10ksat higher than the previous one
  2. Add your Wiki or Twitter name and the invoice to the bottom entry in this wiki :). If there is an entry already, you may not post.
  3. Wait for someone to pay your invoice, then delete the invoice on this page (but keep your name here), wait for a new invoice and pay that one.