Setting alias and color for Umbrel

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Alert! Be careful!
Your node alias will be publicly visible. Do not put ANY personal information here (like your name).

Want to set an alias for your Umbrel Node? Follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your node using SSH. Usually this means opening a terminal and typing ssh -t umbrel@umbrel.local. The user is umbrel. Default password is moneyprintergobrrr for older versions of Umbrel. New versions use the dashboard passord. When typing your password you usually see nothing (for safety).
  2. (Optional) change your default password by typing passwd
  3. Open the config file. In newer Umbrel versions sudo nano umbrel/app-data/lightning/data/lnd/lnd.conf . In older Umbrel versions sudo nano umbrel/lnd/lnd.conf . lnd is small for LND, there are no i's. It will ask you again for your password (same as before), and you will again not see you entering the password.
  4. You are now in the editor. Add alias=SOMENAME. This must be added to the first paragraph. Somewhere below the block [Application Options], not in a different block.
  5. (Optional) set color=#ff0000 or any other hex color, on a new line, just below alias. find a nice color.
  6. You will see the commands you can give at the bottom. The caret ^ means CTRL button. ^X is eXit, so use CTRL-X to exit the file. Confirm you want to save the buffer using Y. Press enter for file name (don't change).
  7. After you have exited the editor look at the content of the file to confirm the changes. In newer Umbrel versions type cat umbrel/app-data/lightning/data/lnd/lnd.conf . In older Umbrel versions type cat umbrel/lnd/lnd.conf .
  8. Then restart your Umbrel node. You can do this properly from the Umbrel web interface (Settings, Restart)
  9. IF you have public channels, it will take (max) 2 days for the new node to become visible on
  10. If you have RTL installed you should see the new node name after a restart of RTL, or after logging in again. A node clean restart (using the web interface) should also restart RTL.

If your terminal freezes you may have pressed CTRL-S. Unfreeze by CTRL-Q.