No route error

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If your node says it has no route, this can mean some things:

You have no channels

You might have no channels at all. Start with Opening channels!

Channels are too small

  • If you want to send 100k sat, but your channel is only 50k sat, that will not work. Open larger channels.
  • If you want to send 100k sat, and have enough channels, just not ONE which has enough balance, your payment must be split using AMP. Make sure the wallet supports it, and make sure you enabled AMP in your wallet.

Your node does not know about all routes yet

When sending a payment, your node calculates a route to the destination. Maybe your node has no complete view on the network yet, because it's very new? Wait some days, and/or open more channels, so you have more peers to get information from. The process to get network information is called Gossiping.