Incoming liquidity requests

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Add your node below if you need incoming liquidity. Scroll down, copy the template and edit this page. Add it at the top.

If you want to fund a node, start from the top.

Nodes requesting liquidity

  • Name: Dolgor.Art
  • URI: 03fc6c1ce1e7e86b97b5accffcc606b913f91ce879238d53f242b1f37ffbfa6294@lnnodeurokjlifziiwue5qdt7xhctecmgccgkjrbaktp3fienb3yqvyd.onion:9735
  • Extra info: Artist, teacher. I would like to offer the lightning payment option to my students and clients.

  • Name: The Captain []
  • URI: 0202e7727ee46d943a44c7bf0dce14220a839630dee67d03446bf935178b55a0df@
  • Extra info: We offer a paid inbound channel service at

  • Name: satsophonic
  • URI: 02e98e5929c25f16f7c15b9026b9986e32dc36ba62c6497f436984b40fc3f0d7ac@uagt7hb6nw2dkv3gy2madsj4uu3xlpe47en7gtr7pilrvcse4j4pc4yd.onion:9735
  • Extra info: Let's be friends! @satsophone on twitter

  • Name: CryptoAnarchMov
  • URI: 03fef777d58a529df02a3fb267690e0c9033767b555cc1c63844bb2d3498789f91@isvcxqviqbhrzpzpcmeh6u5ve42pvcjdukckec4mhdcwhnkff6qexdqd.onion:9735
  • Extra info: I'm looking for inbound liquidity equal to the outbound liquidity I will provide of about 0.015BTC. Contact Telegram: @PsySc0rpi0n, Contact Discord: @PsySc0rpi0n#9648

  • Name: 029d214cfaec4507e1a3
  • URI: 029d214cfaec4507e1a3019f20b0edcddd072bf160145298532a947602510a6ba3@urk6tx627dnr5zj5vdwxu5mzphby6l4gfmy3tnlzxyf64lbmc7gyr2qd.onion:9735
  • Extra info: I'm a merchant and I need inbound liquidity (, thanks for your help

  • Name: RuckiZucki
  • URI: 03154ba72d862af1cc0f7c4bd4c097902b2f46744a7eb63dbb026c4db81ae79cfa@vphiivr37f74j6ysi74jhmg2knu5ucs4h3xhk2f4njunys2xtlj4svqd.onion:9735
  • Extra info: 24/7 online and will re balance channel asap. Thanks for the support!!!

  • Name:
  • URI: 0306f72ba1fd1007e55eb451d4e4289364f9cda906b48795014152364c515374b5@
  • Extra info: "Creativity is just connecting things". Let's be creative.

  • Name: CHIPINQUE⛰️
  • URI: 02018a4d3fd9d9e4b6ee331bf6036968ba8c39d4b03f9228182481fab26ace87f5@ozdhwlx37lim7v4f6jhs66x5vfystqupllnigxuyp37zb4euvu6y4nid.onion:9735
  • Extra info: Looking for some liquidity. Thanks for the support!!!

  • Name: Bitcoin_Discord
  • URI: 02d147d5b634e3ef558461f7571099ce4e2b04dd831d9d0f2c2ecbc1cd814cae20@
  • Extra info: Hey, 24/7 online, with pool. Will re balance channel asap. Thanks

  • Name: cryptocu
  • URI: hthx5fjidepy7ljvfefweueaq3jqcspptjymk3i5rw4gbwplvyxamwad.onion:9735
  • Extra info: Hi, I am new with LND and need your help. If you open a channel to me I will open back one for you. (Inbound capacity). Thanks

  • Name: herobrain
  • URI: 033a83907e818490946627b44f889cce154c90dd5c0f5a7ff47f517b49f4836c02@
  • Extra info: Will open channel back to you if liquidity is 1M SAT

  • Name: Pick-Me
  • URI: 0390c0de9543bbadd2ebb2d4ccadfb4bc61b1af54cfaa122aa688f16375948643c@2epvbgvtf757yfu3f3rk4hvrqmqrimlyczemy66ey62tcat4c3yqqqad.onion:9735
  • Extra info: It would make me happy! Thanks.

  • Name: Satoshi Nakamoto
  • URI: 02f7dcc28e15c0b55238a0f7db02b2082b1c2fa5adf66ff96e79db8f7ae17fe7d3@p3hv5427zr3obj2edec4uva3jvcs37jus5adpxpxy2xw4jwivfm5hvad.onion:9735
  • Extra info: Inbound Capacity. Thanks.

  • Name': Bitcoin Lightning Networkman
  • URI: 03c1a8ccc5c83b37059a3efbb72e633c0897172f2550475b93bdc14b5ca243a0d1 (Public Key)
  • Extra info: This node is always online, only offline for updates! Looking for people that wants balanced channels (Minimum 3M Sats) Will rebalance channel ASAP. Contact me on telegram @laptopman.

  • Name: ganesha
  • URI: 023403325e93e508a05fa4417c219381ad07df95190924d9971540658a3a7068dc@en5qvoesr6aom3u2iaajexnzgop6rdkqtgyfcyanjbnensnjo4ururid.onion:9735
  • Extra info: Thanks for the support!!!

  • Name: freeside
  • URI: 03d606331f19b2500f88bc373cc830492736a7d4be6ecc6cc770e0014e94ee0f58@l3umig4kvi5fbrbysrwungccmckgkiedny5mejh7e545enrlmc4njcyd.onion:9735
  • Extra info: will open channel back to you if liquidity allows

  • URI: 032261d6ec5fb578919e2455f2061d27bd93df57b26d78cdf7bad38f1368d0531b@o46ycvkkefk47xtoulssdokcixzr6uro3tnl4ht7ojktnoixf4mlogid.onion:9735
  • Extra info: Another node reporting in to grow the network. Will balance.

  • Name: chakra
  • URI: 023403325e93e508a05fa4417c219381ad07df95190924d9971540658a3a7068dc@7wverafcx2dwpevfdqhbvomecjw6s4vmjzxchdtf2ultsn4o4l6vb2yd.onion:9735
  • Extra info: A node with watchtower, loopd, tor.. and many hours along with a brand new SSD and raspberry pi. Looking for some liquidity. Location: India, Thanks for the support!!!

  • Name: Scarce City
  • URI: 028f4a60dd133875e8776d5ac36e87097cf59e6e3a1d74fcd14c900270dda57c06@5whetw27qqbdm626znqc75evlfasljfamecssktqfz3vrnl3qpkqpnyd.onion:9735
  • Extra info: A transparent marketplace where customers gain from verifiable supply and authenticity

  • Name: 🟢 ITManager 💯
  • URI: 023662f1db3d0527dab0869e30f183021db7dc44f6f2e32ece42dd124846c89ca1@
  • Extra info: Reliable long-term stable node with 100% uptime, watchtower and complete monitoring

  • Name: Italian.Hi-Tech.Node
  • URI: 030f4200bfa53b07d4053b2319f5b4598a787ae094292ade0e18dc87692d0f4694@

  • Name: Titanic Car Scene
  • URI: 025ab8a0598acab895ad61c2a66fa1e7ede3c3c700270f782735f948709fec423b@h5s4px2neqz3wrsnaz25qvx7j3huc2k7pmpdzzg3g5conczhzkmexhad.onion:9735
  • Extra info: Stable online node with low fees, please connect!

  • Name: ToDaMoon
  • URI: 02fc7f60800bbb54db9d0ec22c32b4dd2565d6feb8c618dbf904b7e0a293aed0f6@xz2qjan4fhzjyioa.onion:9735
  • Extra info: Building a node running 7*24*365, to support the network! Thank you!

  • Name:
  • URI: 02e7c42ae2952d7a71398e23535b53ffc60deb269acbc7c10307e6b797b91b1e79@
  • Extra info: Blockchain-based domain names: .BIT, .COIN, .ETH ...

  • Name:
  • URI: 022297edebc55af78f4f472323fa8b827dacddc74bdd786cd90f77a8c845afaa68@blx3vl7lq7q2ahjf.onion:9735
  • Extra info: Building MVP for EU satsback platform. #stackingsats

  • Name: LN-MasterNode
  • URI: 0380d7ed2beddf814ac4119b6ea42085f1c6e83f50ee5593199de4caa5a186bd64@
  • Extra info: Oklahoma City Lightning node looking to build channels to help out the network. Node is up 24/7 and on a battery backup. Will gladly open a channel back to you!


Copy the template below to the list above. You may paste on top.

*'''Name''': NODENAME
*'''URI''': KEY@IP
*'''Extra info''': WHY