Channel policy

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A channel policy are the rules for the channel, for example the cost (fees) of using this channel.

Changing fees: Changing fees


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   --base_fee_msat value    the base fee in milli-satoshis that will be charged for each forwarded HTLC, regardless of payment size (default: 0)
   --fee_rate value         the fee rate that will be charged proportionally based on the value of each forwarded HTLC, the lowest possible rate is 0.000001
   --time_lock_delta value  the CLTV delta that will be applied to all forwarded HTLCs (default: 0)
   --chan_point value       The channel whose fee policy should be updated, if nil the policies for all channels will be updated. Takes the form of: txid:output_index

Base fee

A fixed fee that every payment through this hop has to pay. The base fee is charged regardless of the amount being sent. The higher the amount, the lower the relative impact of the base fee.

 "base_fee_msat": "0",

Fee per mil

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             "fee_per_mil": "1",

Fee Rate

A percentage charged on the amount of the payment. It is denominated in millionths of a Satoshi transferred.

 "fee_rate": 0.000001

Time Lock delta

See Delays

Minimum channel size

Set minchansize=XXXXX in your config file or startup parameters (lnd) and people will not be able to open smaller channels than the number you give in.

Maximum HTLC Size

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This is planned for lnd 6.0

Set the max HTLC size to help pathfinding on mobile. It helps if it is already known how big the max payment can be on a channel, makes pathfinding easier.

Setting a default policy (LND)

Set this in your lnd.conf in the Bitcoin section:

# The base fee in millisatoshi we will charge for forwarding payments on our channels (default: 1000)
# The fee rate used when forwarding payments on our channels. The total fee charged is basefee + (amount * feerate / 1000000), where amount is the forwarded amount. (default: 1)