Incoming liquidity requests

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Add your node below if you need incoming liquidity. See template below.

Nodes requesting liquidity[edit]

  • Name: Amsterdam.Bliksem
  • URI: 02771220b125766c50677278ee5f137b424b27f39837eb0ac236a7a60bfaaffa1f@
  • Extra info: This is a permanent node. Looking for 300000 SAT inbound channels. Max 10 channels.

  • Name:
  • URI:
  • Extra info: Best lightning enabled slotmachine (comming soon)⚡ Node is permanent and in need of incoming liquidity!

  • Name: RanaMX
  • URI: 028c9dbe287807ebeec83d0c2fe2f26050096fa1b81b8b6b7ddbcddf28bc145c08@
  • Extra info: Testing on my Raspiblitz, pls help!!

  • Name: Alkzam
  • URI: 03096538b1321e1103089845574c49b9ba4085a8774b7fa84d893cf76d520daed9@5otwq2prgtkgtdkv.onion:8333
  • Extra info: Here we go !

  • Name: MiltonPusser
  • URI:
  • Extra info: owner of this wiki ;). Already have some liquidity so choose another node if you have not much to spend.

  • Name: nicenode
  • URI:02e19a46649683b43ae66450e6b1d48516f943514e561569f5a8ecd8d7099a6588@
  • Extra info: Looking for extra liquidity. Always on 24/7 node. First node in Mississippi!

  • Name:
  • URI:
  • Extra info: Building a well-connected node for micropayments in T&T

  • Name:
  • URI:03d9a5341083d9ae16fd4f6fc117ed8a7f25689c02d0e3f4a955d45105e5ba9c63@
  • Extra info: Low fee and high availability node!

  • Name: electrolyte
  • URI: 02731b798b39a09f9f14e90ee601afb6ebb796d6e5797de14582a978770b33700f@
  • Extra info: Experimenting with lnd api and rebalancing. Finding success crafting my own rebalancing routes if willing to pay a bit more in routing fees (~3 satoshis). Anyways, my channels have fairly low fees and is usually up 24/7 except for updating software. If you want to contact me:

  • Name: lightningplayground
  • URI: 0230d70b0506aa447a1db407cc04e41448ab92bbd373f5c9a1029a40f357fcdcad@
  • Extra info: Building a multi-player gaming platform. Need inbound channels to ensure that direct channels are not required to play games and faster payouts of winnings. Can contact on

  • Name: codeoholic
  • URI: 038f41f4a910c82a960ac9c8e5cc9daf729550bfb0b6a13d86edc2f79bff2e89ef@
  • Extra info: Building a custodial wallet. Idea is to get rid of fee which some wallets have recently introduced. Ultra low fee and gaming to follow soon. #InLightningWeTrust

  • Name: LightBeam
  • URI: 03b6fe4db13aa4369985d60f1dc9eceddbfba60384709b41aa607161d38568d855@
  • Extra info: Dedicated, 24X7X365 Stable node. Always Low Fee's. Always Connected. Building in Progress.....


Copy the template below to the list above. You may paste on top.

*'''Name''': NODENAME
*'''URI''': KEY@IP
*'''Extra info''': WHY