TOR node at home, cloud IP

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If you have a 100% TOR host at home and do not want to expose your home IP, but still want a clearnet IP, you can "export" the port on your VPS.


  • TOR reachable lightning node
  • VPS


On your home node:

ssh-keygen #run, follow steps, do not set a passphrase
cat ~/.ssh/ #copy this key

On the VPS, as the root user:

sudo -i
useradd --create-home--shell lightningnode
mkdir /home/lightningnode/.ssh
chmod 0700 /home/lightningnode/.ssh
nano /home/lightningnode/.ssh # paste the key, save
chmod 0400 /home/lightningnode/.ssh
nano /etc/ssh/sshd_config # change GatewayPorts to yes (possibly uncomment)
systemctl restart sshd

On the node at home:

sudo -i
echo -e "#!/bin/bash\nnmap -p 9735 | grep open >/dev/null || ssh -NR *:9735:" >> /root/tunnel
chmod +x /root/tunnel
echo "*/15  * * * * root /root/tunnel" >> /etc/cron.d/tunnel

in ~/.lnd/lnd.conf add: