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Comments about the ideas behind the lightningwiki.net logo of "lightning bolts circling a book".

  • The USA has the Betsy Ross flag with 13 white stars arranged in a circle. The European Union, the European Community has a European Flag of 12 yellow stars aligned on a circle. Here we have a circle of 12 yellow lightning bolts. The "circle" represents the "community", the "union", a "working together in a round table" in the Lightning community and in the Lightning Wiki.
  • The lightning bolts obviously represent the "Lightning Network" and its underlying standard "BOLT".
  • The multiplicity of the lightning bolts represent the "many" payments that can be executed, the high throughput of the Lightning Network; the many people and communities working on the protocol; as well as the multitude of apps and services that will run on top of Lightning.
  • The book in the center represents the "wiki", the textual information available for reading.
  • The font of the "lightning wiki" is purposefully kept absolutely simple, it is "sans-serif". Also it is kept lowercase to express simplicity.
  • The logo was made to be somewhat similar to the bitcoinwiki which is also a round circle with a book in the center and a simple text on the bottom.
  • The logo was also kept circular as homage to Wikipedia and its circular logo.
  • Following the spirit of the wiki the logo is Public Domain (PD) and can be used anywhere without attribution and is free of copyright restrictions.
  • Lastly, we hope you like it.