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'''Definition of "shalecoin":'''<br>
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Mined coins with no access to the address. (Nobody has the privatekey)<br>
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If that address is a coinbase address: 1 year after mining<br>
Other addresses: 10 years after last output transaction (If there is no output transaction then 10 years after first input transaction)<br>
''Longterm holders of coins should transfer their coins to a new address within 10 years, so they wouldn't become shalecoins. All other coins with no access to the address can't be transacted to a new address and will become shalecoins after 10 years / or after 1 year if it's a coinbase address. Owners of possible computers (https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Quantum_computing_and_Bitcoin) with the ability to "hash" the privatekey would use these computers only for shalecoins.''

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