Shops and services accepting Lightning Payments

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This page is not about Wallets. As services we define internet sites where you can spend your Lightning coins. See also mobile apps for Android and iPhone apps that use Lightning coins or the Lightning network. See also products for software or hardware you can buy that have to do with the Lightning ecosystem.

Want to accept Lightning in your store? Check out Payment providers.

Forum / chat


  • Payment providers
  • Exchanges using Lightning
  • Bitrefill, buy gift cards, pay bills, refill cell phones, etc.
  • lntipbot, for giving tips on Reddit.
  • Tip Twitter users / tippin
  • Bylls, Pay bills in Canada
  • Lightning vouchers, somewhat like paper money for Lightning, someone creates a voucher, someone else can claim it.
  • Livingroom of allows Australian bills to be paid with Lightning
  • Vouchers Purchase Lightning vouchers with onchain Bitcoin or Lightning.
  • Charge companies btc for data collected through google analytics and mixpanel.
  • LightingCentral Easy way to start using lighting quickly. Clear instructions. Free sign up.
  • Coinsbee, purchase on the Internet, top up payment cards, top up mobile phone balance, game balances and more.
  • LightSats, Orange Pill friends, family and random ppl on twitter by gifting sats with step-by-step wallet onboarding
  • AML Crypto Address Analyzer allows you to check the crypto address from or to which you plan to send cryptocurrency, e.g. before an exchange.

Stores (general)

Merchandise (stickers/shirts)


  • Lightning-Debrid - Pay per use premium link generator for one-click-hoster
  • Imstruck, play with a liquid motion toy from anywhere
  • SatoshiTweet, send tweets from @SatoshiTweets by paying satoshis.
  • LNSMS, send SMS messages to the world for satoshis.
  • ReceiveSMS, Receive SMS messages with disposable phone numbers.
  • Change a display Blockclock
  • Sats4Likes Get paid for completing social media microtasks
  • Lightpoll Create polls that costs or pays voters
  • Balnr Channel Balancing Service for Lightning Network Routing Nodes.
  • CheapBitcoinBuys Test your lightning wallet here with micro payments for silly things.






  • PeerName Blockchain-based domain names. Vanity V2 or V3 .onion domains for your lightning node.


  • Torguard allows you to pay for VPN using Lightning







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